Here is What We Need from Shareholders:

1. Affiliate Status

Are you an affiliate or non-affiliate? An affiliate is a person who is an officer, director, or 10% or more shareholder of the company named in the stock certificate.

2. Shell Company Status

Is the company named in your stock certificate either now or was it in the past a “shell” company? A shell company has to check a box on the cover of its filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission if it is a shell company. If you cannot make this determination, contact us and we can assist you.

3.  Documents

Once you determine whether or not you are an affiliate and whether or not the company is or was a shell company, please complete and submit the appropriate form under the forms tab, including the documents requested in the form. The form and documents may be submitted electronically by clicking on the forms tab on the main navigation tab. If you prefer to print the form to send by fax or mail or delivery service, you may also do so on the downloadable section of the forms tab.